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October 2019


March 2020

Wednesday - Saturday ( 8:05 AM - 5:25 PM )

Thai Food Innovative Entrepreneur Promotion Program to Tap the US Organic Farming Market at the Natur

Location: Department of International Trade Promotion

Phone: +66 25078183


The project to promote Thai food innovation for Thai organic market at the Natural Product Expo West 2020 (NPEW) consists of 4 activities which are
1) Seminar to give knowledge about rules and regulations US standards on organic products.
2) One-on-one coaching by US
experts. 3) Experts from the United States develop online entrepreneurs in a One-on-one workshop.
4) Trade negotiations. In a centralized area allocated by the Department at the Natural Product Expo West 2020 in Anaheim, California


1. Project details 2020.pdf
2. Draft schedule 2020.docx.pdf
3.App Form_NPEW 2020.pdf
4.COMPANY PROFILE 2020.docx.pdf
5. Guidelines for considering products to be showcased at the organizer NPEW 2020.pdf
EW17_Organic Standards Contract_012016.pdf
Notice of Entrepreneurs .pdf


Number of booths / number of openings:

100 cases

Activity fee rate:

No charge

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