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March 2020

Saturday ( 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM )

Dark White

Location: Pathum Thani, Thailand

Phone: +66 246300080


TV host and actress Deejai Dedede recalled her "happy" childhood when her grandma allowed her to eat as many snacks as she wanted.

Because her family ran a grocery store, she was free to plough through as many as 20 brightly coloured bags of crispy snacks each day.

It wasn't unusual to see her hands covered in oil and smelling of salt, sugar and other artificial flavourings throughout the day.

"I knew that eating brought me joy," said Deejai, also widely known by her nickname, Padthai. "But I didn't know that I was putting toxins into my mouth."

At the age of 52, Deejai is seriously ill. Her kidneys are functioning at only 16%. Medically speaking, she has reached the dreaded end -- the final stage of chronic kidney failure.

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