Thai & Expat Community Portal in Thailand

A community that is providing valuable, constructive inputs to the country. ThaiChacha is the first online portal to focus on community building and bringing both the Thai and Expat population on a common platform. 

Thai chacha is a collaborative platform where the entire community is there for everyone. If a person belonging to our online portal has any questions or seeks advice on any topic, then the active Thai Chacha community is there to help. All you have to do is ask!  

Thai Chahca currently operates with the following features: 

Ask The Community 

Have a question that needs to be answered; It could be anything from getting a job done at a government office to finding the right place to live. If you need to know, then our active online community will be there to answer and provide you with the proper guidance and advise. 


Thai Chahca marketplace is a fully functional online trading platform. Here the members can buy and sell a full spectrum of products and services. From buying a T-Shirt to renting an apartment, Our Marketplace segment of the portal can make it all happen just at a click of a button. 


Have an excellent service or a product, need people to know about it. Well, Thai Chacha directory services have the best local reach and can make you sell your thing like a hot cake. Engage our directory services maximum business reach. 

Thai Chacha also provides a window for conducting events and social programs. We hold our own community-centric events and also provide information on leading upcoming events in Thailand. 


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